New Blog Design Coming

Summertime in the ski industry is an opportunity to slow down and reassess. It’s a chance to look back over numbers, marvel at the number of powder days, reminisce about the fabulous season behind us. It is also a chance to look ahead.

I wrote a post in January about our plans to redesign this blog. Many of you made some brilliant comments. Now that we have some time, we are finally getting to the promised redesign. Much of the content will remain, but we hope to make the site more interactive, making it easier to comment and get feedback.

Our new host will also allow us to post from an app on our phone. This means we can take a photo and upload it onto this site quickly. So instead of Michelle Longstreth and Corey Meador’s multiple photo uploads to Facebook, maybe we can get those too to post straight to the blog. That way, you all can really see what the weather is doing on any given day. Because, as we all know, a picture tells a thousand words. Especially when you’re wondering if mountain top is socked in or not.

Another idea I’m throwing around is having a Photo of the Week post. This would be an opportunity for you, dear readers, to send in photos from your day up at Crystal. Then we can post them all every Tuesday, say, for everyone to view.

One of the comments back in January was finding a way to integrate the NWAC forecast into a map of the ski area. I like this idea, and it’s one worth considering. I would like to have more room for the NWAC forecast, and this could be a great way to inform readers about the avalanche hazard in and around the area. While we aren’t quite there yet, I know you all would LOVE to know what areas we plan to do avalanche control on a daily basis.

I’m considering starting a twitter account for the patrol. Last season, as some of you may have known, I experimented with my own @kimkircher twitter handle to tweet about terrain openings. This worked pretty well, and we might try to incorporate a twitter feed into the blog. That way you, too, could get updates such as “Southback opening in 15 minutes” and that kind of thing.

What other sweet bits of information would you like to see either in a twitter feed column on the blog or on twitter?

What about other design items? The blog is a way to reach out to skiers, educate, inform and share the goods. So, let us know how we can better provide that service.

Corey and I will continue to post this summer as things come up (hint, hint Corey). During the redesign, later in the summer, the blog will be down for only a few hours before the new one takes its place. Amazing work, this blog design business.

Now is the time to give us any more feedback ideas. We’re all ears.


One thought on “New Blog Design Coming

  1. gate 6 camper

    leave the twitter thing to snoqualime. for all of us who go camp out at the gates and actually talk to ‘real’ patrolers, this is wack. reward the real skiers/riders, not the tech savy gapers from Bellevue


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