Opening Day Prediction Contest

New Design

Welcome to the newly redesigned Blog Crystal. Hopefully our new platform will allow us to continue to bring you the best of Crystal, including patroller insights, photos, education and other fun stuff. We love comments (it’s nice to know we aren’t alone here in cyperspace) and we love subscribers. Thanks for all those that have been with us for a while now and welcome to those here for the first time. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for another great winter season.

Opening Day Contest

Sooner than you think?

On that note, I’d like to introduce our first contest ever. Let’s here it. When do you think Crystal Mountain will open for business this season?

Keep in mind that we now have 4 snowmaking guns stretched across the top of Green Valley and an 85,000 gallon water tank to make great base building snow. We’ve also blasted away much of the rocks that plagued many of our bases on the groomed part of Green Valley. In addition, we’ve cleared away tree trunks and built a better ramp at the bottom of Green Valley chair so that less snow is needed to open. Add to that the new gondola, which allows us to open just the upper mountain, and you’ve got the potential for an early opening.

How it works

  • Click on the word “comment” in red at the bottom of this post.
  • Enter your name and email address (we won’t share this with anyone, but will need it to contact you if you win) in the comment form.
  • Enter the date you think Crystal will open this season.

    Want one of these? Guess the opening date of Crystal.
  • Choose a unique date. If the date has already been chosen by someone previously, you won’t be able to win. The first guess with the correct date wins.
  • Start your snow dances.

What you win

The first entry with the correct opening day will win an avalanche dog t-shirt. Who doesn’t want one of these?



13 thoughts on “Opening Day Prediction Contest

  1. Oscar121974

    you guys suck you put the gondola in the wrong spot the snowboarders have no where to strap on there boatdes without being in the skiers way what were you thinking


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