Crystal Mountain Opening Tomorrow

It snowed hard all day today. Tomorrow should be great.

It’s finally here. The 2011-2012 Crystal Mountain Ski Season will commence tomorrow, Friday November 18th. We are starting with a limited opening, then hopefully adding more terrain over the weekend. Tomorrow the Gondola and Green Valley will be running for skiing in Green Valley only. Be sure to bring your rock skis and get ready to have some fun.

There will be no uphill hiking allowed in closed areas. That means that even if you skin up from the base, you won’t be able to access anything other than Green Valley. No hiking into Powder Bowl or Northway or anywhere in between. If you want to tour, you can always access East Peak and Silver Basin via the normal routes. Be sure to check in with patrol for the latest avalanche conditions.

Today avalanche teams had some results in Lower Chance Chutes, and both Powder Bowl and Bear Pits avalanched naturally. We all felt some settling and unnerving whoomfing on open slopes. Therefore, we are encouraging everyone to ski with caution and stay on the groomed runs.

We are looking forward to a great weekend and hope everyone comes out for a fun and safe start to the season.

3 thoughts on “Crystal Mountain Opening Tomorrow

  1. Nandaddy

    How awful that you all are harassing and threatening the people who helped found Crystal Mountain – just because they wanted to share the gondola as a gift!!! Are you all to Stone Age that you don’t get the ideal of ownership, of gifting, of how that promotes Crystal???

    Really dumb. I will spread the word wherever I go and that includes many who have long roots in the community!!!


    1. Nandaddy,
      Perhaps you can clarify your comment. What about this post suggests I am harassing and threatening anyone? What ownership and gifting are your referring to? Your comment seems misplaced and confused. Please enlighten me.


  2. Nandaddy

    So, you’re afraid to post anything that customers say that might provide feedback and help you with your services and image?

    No problem. Facebook and Twitter are about to get at least one new customer. Oh, and the Forest Service will now be able to count on regular comment from me at every opportunity.


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