Evolution of a Ski Area Opening

Early Season Snow
Last week grass still poked through the snow in Green Valley

In just a few days, the slopes at Crystal Mountain went from little snow to epic powder. We opened the ski area on Friday, based on the forecast. And how lucky we were!

Snowing Hard
It snowed 10-year-olds on Saturday

Saturday it snowed very hard. At closing time, as my husband likes to say, it was “snowing ten-year-olds.” We picked up nine inches of snow in just two hours. It snowed so hard the visibility dropped to almost nothing. I took a photo of the Campbell Lodge at sweep.

Looking at the radar that afternoon, the only precipitation falling anywhere in Western Washington was right over our heads. We were the only ski area to get much snow.

John Kircher, Crystal Mountain
By Sunday, Green Valley offered powder skiing and blue skies

By Sunday morning, we had doubled our snowpack and we woke to pristine blue skies. The skiers must have thought the snow was packed out, because we didn’t have much of a crowd. These are rare days in the ski world–a foot of fresh snow, sunny skies and few lift lines on a weekend.

Forrest found some sweet powder on Exterminator

Only the third day of the season, and we already enjoyed a bluebird powder day. This is why I love my job. The mountains are capricious and the weather is fickle. Sometimes we get lucky. Very lucky.


2 thoughts on “Evolution of a Ski Area Opening

  1. Costi mahshi

    YOU guyz are making me drool, but not for long, my Season pass is burning in my pocket, CU next week………. cuz i donated my rock skis this year..
    Costi Mahshi           , 6th year pass holder…..


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