Patrollers aren’t just pretty faces

If you’ve skied at Crystal you know we have sick terrain; if you’ve skied at Crystal with kids you know we have dog cards.  You give us a safety rule and we give you a color photo of your favorite Canine in their red and white attire ready to save the day.  The dog cards have all sorts of statistics about the dog and their favorite safety rule.  This fun collect-them-all program gives patrollers positive interaction time with our up-and-coming rad skiers and hopefully introduces our favorite members of the patrol team to you.  We joke about having “patroller cards” as well as dog cards.  How would they go?  Fun statistics about each and every strapping young man and buff young lady sporting those white crosses and backpacks with way too much weight in them.  Let me give you some examples of what the stats would be for the patrol cards.

Blaine lovin' summer climbing

Blaine, Alpine Hero, patrolling for 3 years.  From Colorado where he grew up on a ranch and skied Steamboat.  Now he does survey work in the summer all over the world-85 days straight through Europe this summer.  His favorite run is O-Meadows and his nickname is 99.

Ben surfing a nice wave

Ben, Alpine Hero, patrolling for 5 years at Crystal and many more at Baker.  Sea kayak guide and LNT instructor in the summers.   Grew up at Crystal and knows every tree like a goose knows it’s migration route.  His favorite area is North because there are so many cliffs to huck.

Sara, Alpine Hero, patrolled for 5 years.  Dog extraordinaire, great hair, and enjoys drinking dark beers. Most likely to be seen wrangling a chocolate lab who needs attention and loves to work.  Sara guides on Rainier in the summer and raft trips on the White Salmon River.

Sara and dogs and beachs

Chris, just earned his PHD for Crystal patrolling after dedicating a wonderful 7 years to the gig.  Some of his favorite things are starting avalanches and eating goldfish.  He Designs websites, guides, sells his photos (, and works for the railroad (forecasting for avalanches) in his spare time.

Chris Kayaking the White Salmon


Corey, well, you guys know Corey if you are long  time readers.  But here are some things you may not know; he works as an EMT at the Seattle Convention Center over the summer, has the best Facebook posts of anyone I know, and really enjoys when others buy him margaritas at the Elk.

As for myself I guide 6 day rafting trips down the Salmon River for  OARS and teach their whitewater kayak school.  My favorite places around Crystal are South East Right, Crystal Lakes, Cement Basin and I really like the color green.  Chocolate is good too.

One thought on “Patrollers aren’t just pretty faces

  1. Wendy

    Um, Christina?
    Is RICH STARRETT just too gorgeous to mention??????????????
    That must be it; or he must be next on your list of amazing patrollers to mention.
    Not only has Rich been involved with the patrol and its dog program for 25 YEARS, but he dedicates his kayaking skills FOR A PURPOSE to summer camps like First Descents for cancer survivors and to Liquid Camp for kids with AIDS not to mention the kids he taught and coached for 30 years who still regard him as their own, the “Dude,” forever.
    You have a stellar individual in your midst.
    and Mr, C. Chip, the spotted dog.
    Having trouble posting this, so I hope it sticks.


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