Leaving Your Skis in Line Before the Lifts Open

Okay. I’m just going to throw this question out there, because sometimes when I see a bee’s nest, I just have to poke a stick into it to see what happens. I’m like that. Is it okay to let your skis save your place in line before the lifts open?

A few weeks ago I arrived at work at 6:30am for avalanche control and followed a skier up from the parking lot. He dropped his skis at the gondola and went up the stairs for what I imagined was his morning cuppa.

Later, after my control route on Exterminator, I boarded the gondola at 8:30am a few minutes before it opened. The same guy stood at the front of the line, waiting for the first cabin. He’d gotten here 2 hours early, but his skis had done the heavy lifting.

Is this okay with you guys? I mean is this even fair? I’ve been to many other ski areas all over the world and have never seen this kind of line-saving. Maybe we’re just a kinder, gentler crowd around here. And I don’t want to mess up a good system. But I do want to know why this works? Why don’t other skiers just move the early bird’s skis aside and snake his spot in line? And what happens if he doesn’t make it back in time for the lifts to start?

I remember a few years back watching a very angry crowd shove skis aside at the wait-here flappers on the Chinook on a powder morning when the patrol finished routes early and made the call to open the lifts. Seems as though some of the early birds were still sipping coffee in the lodge, and when I arrived at the bottom of the lift I saw an abandoned ski get thrown from the line.

I couldn’t say I disagreed. The offending skis impeded progress. And when the lifts open on a powder day, all hell essentially breaks loose. A line of abandoned skis at the gates made getting on the chair impossible.

One thing I can say about Crystal is that the “locals” (whether they hail from Greenwater or Seattle) have an unspoken system for maximizing their days that often works. Maybe this leaving-your-skis-in-line program is working, and if that’s the case, I say let it be. But I’ve heard as many jeers as I have heard cheers. So I wanted to open the forum and hear a little more. Does this system work, and if so, why? If not, I want to hear from you too. Don’t worry, we’re not trying to stop anyone from saving their space in line with their skis. I’m just interested in stirring the pot.

46 thoughts on “Leaving Your Skis in Line Before the Lifts Open

  1. I'm Spartacus

    If you want to be at the front of the line, YOU need to be at the front of the line.  Not your skis.  If you’re skier enough to want to get first turns, you should be skier enough to stand in the cold.  On a powder day if you leave your skis in the lift line you should expect them to get stomped and don’t expect anyone to agree with your line-keeping approach.


  2. Bill Brosseau

    History Kimmer, its history. Leaving your skis in place in line so you can go to the bathroom and get a cup of Joe is part of skiing history.
    One would be first in line and step out of your bindings or unwrap your “Long Thongs” so you could hold your spot in line and your buddies and  others would respect that code. The flip side of the code is that you respect that code as well, you must be back in line as the Lift or T Bar, (poma, rope toe) would start. If you disrespected that code, your skis would be walked on by the line, so you always made sure you got back fast. Nothing like all of your friends stomping on your new Head Standards with serial number 100. So I say lay your stuff down, you beat me to the line, but respect the code. Get your butt back in line when it spins or have your stuff walked on or thrown into the parking lot (which you can do from the Gondi line).

     We need some snow if we are talking about this stuff. Come on Ullr, give it up..


    1. Troy Langley

      It’s still not fair to leave skis to save a place in line.  If it’s history that just means it’s been unfair for a long time.

      I’d like to see Crystal post signs that prohibit leaving skis in lift lines.  Maybe the unattended skis are free to anyone that wants them or maybe it’s a free demo.

      This is exactly the type of rude behavior that sends me to the true backcountry on powder days, away from the resorts where none of this nonsense happens.


      1. Bill Brosseau

        I’ll see you out South.
         I guess what I am saying, is that at one time in skiing history (notice the serial # of my Heads) it was a little slower and a lot less people and a kindred spirited type folk that stood in line and recognized a friends pair of skis and granted them their space in line (because we knew who they were and that he/she would respect the skier code of conduct (without having  it to be posted on your ticket or on the sign in the snow.)
         You are right, in light of how some folks try to power play their way into line, regardless of their methods (ski’s thrown down, or “hey can I slip by you to get up with my buddy BS”)( It’s called “Bucking the line and yes it rhymes with F-ck the line).
          None of this stuff would fly at Hunter MT. But the attitudes that I see here would. Turn well and think Snow.


      2. Troy Langley

        You have a point.  Your description of how things used to be at Crystal reminds me of how surfing used to be at Westport.  In the early days, before the great wetsuits came out, only the dedicated crazies were out there and we all were friendly and mellow.  Now the lineup is crowded and the vibe can get really aggressive, especially from the surfers that actually live in Westport.

        Before all these great powder skis were available, powder skiing was REALLY hard and took years of practice to master.  Now anyone with a few runs under their belt and the latest gear can have a blast.  So now we have big crowds on powder days and the vibe at Crystal can be super intense.

        Anything that Crystal can do to have excellent crowd control so that everything seems as fair as possible will help everyone have more fun and further increase skier loyalty to the resort.  Here’s a few ideas:

        – prohibit saving place in line with unattended skis
        – manage lift lines with ropes or gates so that everyone waits their proper turn
        – employees assigned to manage lift lines

        I’ve had a few frustrating days at Crystal when the lift “line” was more of a blob of people elbowing each other to get to the front.

        I’ve always been impressed with how Big White does crowd management.  Maybe some Crystal staff could take a fun research trip and check out their techniques and their dry powder.



      3. Thanks Troy! A trip to Big White sounds like a fabulous idea. You may have noticed that we’ve started using bungy rope and metal stanchions to manage lift lines. These are easier to manage and to set up, which hopefully means they’ll get used more efficiently. On very busy days, when thousands of people arrive at once, it is a big challenge to accommodate everyone and get them dispersed on the mountain. On patrol, we are very aware of crowd management. Our very own Lisa P. is the best line manager available, and on really busy days you’ll see Lisa at the bottom of Forest Queen helping people form 6s and load the chair as efficiently as possible. This is not an easy job, as you can imagine. If only we could clone her.


      4. Bdbrosseau

        I am in your corner brother of gravity fed fun. It was a different time and I all I was trying to do here was to give a starting point to this bee hive whacking that Kimmer started. I don’t care about anybody else skis other than my own. If you are in them, fine, if you are not there, fine. I am going to be in mine on the next powder day.

         The Old heads were great powder skis for their day but I have up graded a bit to the Darksides. By the way the three years I spent in Hawaii in the early sixties, I still have a wood 10′ Hobie that has surfed HalliEva, in the day. After returning to the main land in 64, I got an early Hobie Fiber Flex skateboard, serial # 100.

        Cheers and turn well
        Think Snow

        We need a dump bad… come on Ulla, give it up! And Kim get out the door and throw some bombs and stop whacking at the bee hive, we all are old and grumpy!:)


    1. CMSkier

      @ Rob

      “F–k em”

      Exactly the arrogance I expect from the I’m so-special-my-skis-hold-my-place crowd. When you walk up to the front of the crowd waiting in line and claim what you think is your deserved, reserved position, people don’t think you’re so extra local and regular, they just think you’re a jerk.

      And, If I want to be one of the first off the lift, I wait in line, enjoying the anticipation of first tracks and the pumptatude of the crowd.

      Local and regular,



  3. Chase

    As one of those locals, weather and conditions are the deciding factors here.
    If it is a bluebird groomer day like this weekend, go ahead leave
    your skis, get your cup, your breakfast burrito, whatever you need. If
    you’re back before Chinook opens, I’ll respect your place in line.

    But if more than 2″ of fresh has fallen, once Ski Patrol has given the green light, any skier or rider expecting to save a place in line by posting up their equipment is sorely mistaken and clearly not deserving of first tracks anyway. I will happily toss your gear aside, hopefully far enough so that you’re still looking for it when I make my second lap on High Campbell.


  4. Steve

    If you want to be at the front of the line: man/woman up and stick with your gear.  You need a cup of joe?  sip it in your car on the drive up here.  I’m here 3 to 5 days a week and as local as you can be but shake my head every time i see this.  I’ve slipped into a “can’t beat it, join it” mentality but I think it sucks and will be happy to see people with their gear paying the price to do what we love to do!  One man’s opinion.


  5. P.J.M.

    No body= nobody. I left my board in line once, was back before the Gondi started, but someone had already moved my board. I always wait now, and I will be happy to move gear out of line if nobody is waiting with them. I only left my stuff once because others seemed to be doing it, I still think it is a D. Bag move.


  6. P.J.M.

    If I leave a pair of gloves at the bar, will that save me a place after riding? I’d love to see how that goes down….
    Can I hang a hat on a bathroom stall door in case I need to go later?
    Even though I got there first?
    Not acceptable


  7. JP

    I’m not a local, but I probably get about 15-20 days a year in at Crystal. 

    This has been my experience: If I walk up to the line and there are skis in place AND someone is standing there who tells me that the spot is reserved (presumably for a friend) for someone getting a cup of coffee, I respect the line.

    If I walk up and there is nothing but skis and boards and everyone is inside getting Joe, I’m the new head of the line.

    I’m not local, and I don’t give a crap about your culture that exists here and nowhere else. I paid my money like everyone else and if I’m man enough to stand in the cold for my spot then I deserve to get the best spot available. 

    I’ve had words with people who have come out and were pissy because I usurped their line holdings. There are a lot of us who aren’t considered “local” but who bust our humps to get there early and spend enough time and money at Crystal to get our shot at tracks. 

    And now that I know this is a “culture,” you better believe my tolerance for it just went to zero. 


  8. Mr. Volant

    If you have a buddy in line and/or consent of the people behind you, you may run to the bathroom/cafe/etc… and come back ASAP. You also must take coffee orders from the guys right behind you in return for their patience.


  9. Friedriceman

    used to work on the lifts at crystal and i can tell you it is very annoying, especially when people throw there skis in  snow that still needs to be tilled or dug out by groomers, there are ski racks for a reason and if you leave your stuff unintended thats your own fault for putting them in a line made for standing.


  10. Brent

    I’m looking at this from a slightly different angle…I think
    what you ought to do is sell lift line privilege passes like you do paid
    parking passes so you can make some money off these kooks. That way the poor struggling
    city dwellers taking  their  family to the mt can see what REAL LOCALS  are all about.


  11. Eric


    Thank you for disturbing the hornets nest. 

    I will say this there is a way that this works as long as everyone follows one simple rule. If you are gonna be the first 10 chairs you better have you butt back in line at least 45 min. before they start running. Its only polite since most resorts would throw you stuff out of line. 

    Lyndsy Dyher tried to yell at me for doing this. HAHA i laughed at that spoiled pro. Gonna try to come here and tell locals how things are. 

    Sounds like there could be some arguments a brewing in the Gondy and lift lines since Kim decided to stir up the pot.

    The true locals of Crystal i.e. the ones that see each other on every POW day have no problem with this, and thats because of rule ONE above, get up there early than everyone else, and wait in line a least 45 minutes before the lifts spin. 

    Especially to get your STOKE on!!


  12. Wow. I really hit a nerve here. Thanks everyone for chiming in. Just realize that I won’t publish comments that are directly rude to others. Having said that I do believe that healthy public discourse (with respect towards others and responsibility for one’s one comments) make the world a better place. So carry on, just don’t let this degrade into bashing others. This isn’t world peace, but honest and productive discussion starts here.


  13. Disfun

    Learned to ski at Paradise and Sunrise in the late 40’s
    and continued to here in ’62 (not a Founder) and on ’til now without a break;
    except a year in ‘Nam.
    For many of those years you could leave your skis most
    anywhere and few would mind ’cause we were so few. Now that we are too many; one
    rule with no interpretation may be all that can work.
    Looks like from the other
    comments that most want that rule to say: “Be there or be square”. So
    sorry Charlie; guess you will have to actually be in the line to be in the
    No virtualization in the lift queue. Thanks!


    1. Thanks for your reply Disfun. While there have been many comments on this post, I wouldn’t want to suggest a change until more people weigh in on it. And this is probably not the best forum to decide. Perhaps, if a change is necessary, this should be taken to “court” aka The Elk and discussed over pitchers of beer, just like any big decision should.


  14. Bruce Barber

    How pathetic and emabarassing for some Northwesterners to come up with something like this.  People that selfish should find another sport


    1. Hey Bruce!
      Thanks for replying with an actual name rather than hide behind a screen name. Remember that Crystal was started by a group of investors that simply wanted a great place to ski. There’s always been that sense of ownership amongst our clientele, and for the most part, that’s great. I love that sense of history here, and like I mentioned in my post, our skiers and riders really know how to maximize their days. I don’t agree that leaving your skis in line is selfish. Lazy and soft? Maybe I could agree with that. But I don’t believe this is a malicious activity, but rather just the way it has always been done.


  15. Facing Northwest

    If you’re gonna be in line, *BE* in line. Your equipment is not you. This is simply passive-aggressive behavior. 

    More importantly, this is an example of how Crystal Mountain is incapable of crowd control, which leads to a compromised customer experience. 

    Way past time for Crystal management to get a clue.  

    You want to be a “destination resort” but until you address how your staff treats your customers, and how you manage the entire customer experience (poorly maintained road, horrible parking lots, terrible transport to ticketing, out-of-control lines, rude/absent/uninvolved lifties, and questionable food-service folks, just to name a few things), Crystal will be a third-tier mountain. Have you ever *been* to Whistler, or Park City, or Sun Valley, or Disney World?

    Crystal management needs to learn from these world-class destinations, and apply the methods to make the customer experience the number one priority.


    1. Northwest,
      As always, we welcome a healthy debate, but no need to be nasty. I read this comment aloud today while having lunch at the Summit House with some Crystal locals, including some old-timers, employees, reps and the General Manager. It seemed a little ironic as we sat there getting amazing service and kick ass food. Sorry if your customer service hasn’t been as good. While Crystal gets better every season, there is always room for improvement. However, while I can’t agree with “horrible..terrible..out-of-control”, I will tell you that we have “been” to Whistler, Park City and Sun Valley as well as many other world class resorts. Crystal might not be quite there yet, but we’re working on it. Baby steps, man. What Crystal does have is great terrain, tremendous heart and dedicated clientele. Hopefully you can find a few of these here as well. If not, then we might have to bid you adieu. There’s always Stevens.

      Kim Kircher


      1. Phil M.

        First let me say that I love Crystal and am lucky to have it so close to my home. Second, I do believe that “Facing Northwest” has some valid points that should not be dismissed as being nasty. While I don’t agree with the comments about food service being poor (with the exception of when Campbell Basin didn’t have beer on a busy day during the holidays last year even though they were running out the day before and knew it according to several employees I spoke with) I would say that crowd control and customer service needs to improve. I witnessed several arguments last year while boarding the shuttle to leave, and to me this is a simple fix that can be solved with some of the same railings used in the lift line, and one or two people directing foot traffic, this would be a relatively easy fix. Regarding customer service, when I asked an employee about the shuttle issue, I was told that the shuttle is a courtesy, and shouldn’t be an expectation. There is a problem with that logic if we look at C Lot. No sidewalk= customers walking on the street=HUGE liability issue when someone slips and is run over, therefore it really shouldn’t be considered a courtesy. I walked with my 5 year old son from C Lot last year on a very slow day when no shuttle was running, and I was very concerned for his safety given the wet and icy roadside of the MLK weekend. I sent a polite, constructive e-mail to Crystal outlining my concern, and the lack of concern shown by the Crystal employees who were working that day. I never even received an e-mail saying “we got your e-mail”(which would have been good customer service) instead I got zip, nada, nothing. Walking conditions that day were dangerous for an adult, let alone a child. So I’m trying to help the baby steps happen, but the baby isn’t listening. Heck I come up in summer to pick up garbage, I love the place, but customer service at Crystal can be summed up by your own words “we might have to bid you adieu. There’s always Stevens” That comment really makes me feel like the customer is being taken for granted.


      2. Phil,
        I do not agree that the shuttles are a “courtesy”. Indeed with our parking situation, the shuttles are necessary. I walk up from Employee Housing almost every day and I hear you. I’m sorry that your email did not get a response. I’m not sure why that is. However, I do know that every email gets read and many of them (if not all) are read by my husband.
        Your point about the shuttle line is a good one, and I will pass it on. When you mention arguments in the shuttle line, were these between customers waiting for a ride? Sheesh. That’s too bad. Thanks for alerting that to my attention. Sorry if my flip mention of Stevens made you feel bad. That certainly wasn’t my intention. We value all of our customers. However, sometimes, even when we do our best, some people are still unhappy.
        We have made many changes this year and hopefully you’ll notice some of them on the hill.


      3. Onewhonos

        Kim, do you suppose you and John might just get just a little better service than the rest of us ? I’ve enjoyed dining at the Summit House, great experience for sure however it does not reflect the character of the rest of the mountain.


  16. Anonymous

    So, if the purpose of leaving the skis in line is to warm up inside, get some coffee and use the bathroom, the answer is simple.
    1. Pee before getting in line with your equipment.
    2. All equipment left in the lift line needs to be with it’s owner or will be removed.
    3. MOST IMPORTANT ! Serve coffee in the lift line, so skiers and boarders can feel warmer while waiting for the lift to open. What a great way to start the day! and a good way to make money ! Ride to the top, with your coffee in hand. Or toss the cup in the can before you load.
    If that stills an issue, that’s not your problem. They can get to the end of the line, just like everyone else.
    While reading some of the other comments, I have to chime in on a couple other issues.
    The shuttles are looked at by operations as just a courtesy. If they’re not running, call quest services, they will send a bent up pickup truck, full of equipment in the back, to give you a ride in the back. That’s real courtesy. I’ve come off the mountain countless times, only to find out the shuttle is not running. I used to come up for endless days during the week. No More. I will not ride from the RV lot to the base in a pickup bed. Kim, I don’t know if that’s your husbands doing, but it’s wrong to send shuttle drivers home on a slower day, just because there isn’t 5000 people there that day ! Every ticket holder and every paid RV spot needs shuttle service. Two adult lift tickets cover the drivers pay for that day! And while i’m on the subject. Those shuttles travel on State roadway. Any trailer over 3000 lbs is required to have operating brakes. They do not have any working brakes for the last three years. Crystal is putting it’s guests in danger. Security, shuttles and garbage. That’s what the RV web site reads regarding the parking fees. We see little security, part time shuttles and garbage. Not the garbage in the cans either. The increased parking fees are unfounded and everyone knows it. Your husband is trying to reduce the number of RVs by raising prices. Limited spaces will limit RVs, not prices. He should stop being Ebeneser Scrooge, even Scrooge changed his ways in the end. And if you remember, that’s when it began to snow again.


    1. Photogeniks

      Really, so what did you do before there were shuttles at Crystal?  Why is it that you think that every ticket holder needs shuttle service? Yes I agree it is nice to have around but, man up and hike it. Might be good for your health as well. I do remember having shuttle service from the north back years ago, that I can understand since it really is way down the road, or if you wanted you could just traverse back all the way on I-5. But really, where the rv’s are parked it really isn’t that far of a hike. Just saying.


  17. Heidi B

    Im iin our RV in the parking lot this morning reading the blog, hoping the vis will improve…maybe all this energy into blogging best illustrates our collective frustration over lack of snow:)

    I say let the early birds leave skis in line…kudos to you if youre here before the lifts open to get them there, but if the lift opens and your skis aren’t occupied then out of line they go!

    Seems to me a great day of skiing starts in the parking lot. Maybe if a few problems were solved there crystal skiers would have a better sense of humor when they arrived in line! Bathrooms in the lots so folks didn’t have to run for the bank to do their business when they got here would be a great start (you don’t want to hear about the unpleasant surprises you find when walking your dog after the lots empty out at the end of a busy day.) well placed trash and recycling bins would be great too.

    What about ticket sales in the lots too? Imagine how much happier the ride on the shuttle would be with empty bladders, lift tickets purchased, and perhaps that cup of joe in hand if the mt really got carried away and put some services in the lots?

    Lastly, I SO agree that the shuttles and safety in the lots and on the roads is lacking. Now RV families will be in F lot too without a safe walking path to the base area. If safe, maintained, dedicated pedestrian pathways aren’t provided to all parking areas I fear someone will be hit walking on the road. Walking is often the only option as the shuttle service can be intermittent or not available much of the time.

    If the experience getting to the lifts is less stressful and folks arrive to the lift with their sense of humor intact and ready to have some fun, does it really matter if there are a few pairs of skis in line ahead of you? I say let crystal traditions live on and lets just figure out how to enjoy and protect this fantastic place with a few more people around.


  18. I can see both sides of the story, but don’t feel the locals are being represented well here. How is it that the same people are always up at the front of the lines on a powder day? We got there before everyone else. Be the first one in the parking lot once in awhile. Wake up a little earlier. Its not that I like it that much but c’mon. There never has really been a problem about people not being there in time. In fact, on powder days we all usually have to wait a little longer. There is definitely bigger problems at CMt. These are the small things that sets Crystal apart from yuppy-ville usa. Take away the little things and make it like all the other resorts. Is that how we want it? Judging by your comments Id say paid parking is a bigger issue then this. Why is it that the people who actually get there early to ski are being punished?…and your having to take a shuttle? I have been the first car in the parking lot and in the second or last row of the first lot. Just so people can show up in there Escalades at 10am. I realize there is a business mindset first but what do we really want our resort to be? Half of the people complaining on here complained about the shuttle, well, you wouldn’t most likely need the shuttle if there wasn’t paid parking. Make it about the skiing people, not about the money. If a few people putting their skis down because they got there first is really that big of a deal, I guess change it. 


  19. Gregbo

    I agree with many here – be in line or you’re not in line… I’ve skied Crystal since day one and have never even considered holding a place in line with my skis… If I want a cup or a bathroom break it means someone will be in front of me… not a big deal…

    As for the shuttle – it’s a necessity if you’re way way back… but then again… I’ve always considered the walk from B lot my warm up run.


  20. Jeff

    I just read this whole thread and I laugh, and cringe and some of the comments on here. I don’t have the opportunity to enjoy this place like a lot of you. In fact, I am truely a nobody. I feel it’s a blessing to be able to do what we do up there. Crystal is amazing! Here’s the deal…. You can’t just leave the decision up to us. I understand making people happy while providing a fun and safe enviornment is the goal here but it seems slightly unfair to keep your skis/boards in line and save a spot. Just because some of you folks get to go up 3-4 times a week doesn’t justify special treatment. It’s kind of unlawfull to descriminate so I’d advise against it. With that said, everyones input is truely valuable in this situation. I respect everyones opinion and won’t cry about it if someone disagrees with what I have to say. I do agree that every business can improve with what they do and that includes Crystal Mountain. I think they do a phenomenal job at what they do and also appreceiate public input for suggestions. With all that said, I hope everyone has an awesome holiday and look forward to some snow here hopefully very soon!


  21. Ken Nugent

    As long as the lifts open before 9, as they usually do, I am happy. I am going to go to the powder runs others do not pick first and have a great day. Gotta chose my battles, and skis in line is not high on my list. ( I don’t leave my skis in line.)


  22. As a season’s pass holder, born and raised in Enumclaw, who usually gets in a good 40+ day season, I say let them hold their line with their skis*.

    For folks like me, who typically come up solo, it’s not like you can get a group of pals to hold down a spot during a quick bathroom break – and that Mountain Dew + Orange Juice + Gatorade you drank on the way up at 6am can really come back with a vengeance. It’s not reasonable to expect early, solo riders to be forced to dehydrate/wear diapers or else lose their place in line because you’re in a hurry to continue waiting in line.

    *however, if the lift opens while the line-holder skis are unattended, it’s perfectly reasonable to -respectfully- push the gear aside and get on the lift.


  23. Chester Tartsnatcher

    Saving a spot with your skis has been a Crystal tradition since the 70s. I think it’s a mark of civility and respect, among other waning American traditions.

    It’s easy to be a pushy jerk, there lots of them out there trying to reduce everything to money and avarice.

    Crystal is a special place and this is one of it’s features. I hope that management will understand that this is one of the hallmarks of the hill and contributes to an attractive atmosphere.

    I get there early a lot. I leave my skis for a moment or two for a can run or coffee grab. As far as I can tell, the people blowing off the “skis saving spot” traditions are not conducive to an enjoyable environment.

    – B (the guy with the tall hat).


  24. Chester

    Here’s an interesting exercise: Skim over the comments for tone and position on the topic.

    Which tone is consistent with an atmosphere Crystal wishes to encourage?

    Is there any correlation between that tone and the position the Crystal management wants to take on the topic?


  25. smash IT!

    I hate saving spots with skis. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing and breeds fights, because the rest of the world doesn’t know our simpleton little “locals” rule.

    If the rule isn’t changed, I will consider offering a ski placement service to all comers. drop your skis with me and $5 the night before and my day laborer will place them in line by 5 am.

    Hopefully everyone be “civil”, but I’ll have to be sure to hire a bouncer type guy to do an adequate job of guarding my clients skis (guarded skis cost $10).

    of course I’m joking, just trying to highlight the obscurity. Maybe, someone else will offer the service though. I’ll be your first client (guarded please)


  26. Powderdog

    The dangerous Crystal Gondola line.  Recently the “pit bull I want to fight family” posted their little pup at the far end of the control railing not allowing entrance to an empty que.  It didn’t hold off the skiers well and when senior foaming at the mouth arrived he was visious and was in my face for 5 minutes his parting words were you better not stop my other son who is getting his ticket and “I’m gonna knock you on your ass”. 


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