Southback Closed For Now

Redeemable skiing is tricky to find out South right now. And because there’s so little snow, skiers and boarders are damaging vegetation as they navigate the traverse out, which lies in a part of Mt. Rainier National Park designated as “Pristine Wilderness”.

So this is a rare “resource management” closure. Tourer are still welcome to skin up into Silver Basin. Just be aware that it’ll take us a while to get to you if you need any help. Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t just get dark earlier this time of year, it gets dark QUICKER! If you linger on a peak to enjoy these rare December sunsets, you’ll probably need a headlamp to get back to civilization!

2 thoughts on “Southback Closed For Now

  1. Mr. James to you

    A comment on your “Skis in line” blog.  As a young and wealthy Seattle skier I think you should follow and extend the area’s business plan to this opportunity.  The area has sold Lot A stalls for $500 per season, it has sold lockers in the lodge for $300 per season, and now it is selling RV stalls for $50 per night.  First-in-line spots at the gondola should go for at least as much as a moldy locker.  Sign me up for 10 spots (My attorney insists that these be reassignable).


    1. Search4snow

      Young and wealthy?  So where do you stand in the food chain of skiers!?  I’m going to rank you in the slim bag category.  I myself have a fine career with 6 figs yet I “earn my turns”.  You are the people that corrupt the industry.  Wake up early, eat a nutritious meal, keep hydrated and get that line that YOU earned.  Don’t be the jerk!  


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