New Clutch

When my old Subaru stopped accelerating because it would take a mile for the clutch to engage I would wait to enter any main road til I couldn’t see any oncoming cars before easing my way out and waiting for engagement for a few minutes.  When I got a new clutch I felt like I was driving a sport’s car and could just jet out in front of anyone and passing people on the 410 road became safe.  After putting on my new alpine boot with alpine binding I felt I had a tight clutch installed on my skis.  Zero to 60 in 5 seconds.  I’ve always worked and skied in touring boots because I like the walk mode, vibram soles, and comfort.  Well, my new boots are comfortable and have vibram soles.  My tipping point to the alpine world was Martin Rand who is our on-hill boot fitter and runs the RDL shop (Rossignol-Dynastar-Lange) under the top of the Gondola, where there is always a party.  Martin fitted me for the shell, told me what boot I’d like, ground out my 6th toe, and put on vibram soles.   I am by no means the world’s best skier or a gear head but my set up has changed my day. Now I enjoy cruising groomers, looking for softer off piste stashes, and flying down a chalking powder bowl.  My lessons learned are: take care of your feet, if you want to enjoy something you’ve got to enjoy your gear too, and don’t feel bad complaining about boots because Martin can fix them.

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