We’re so lucky

Patrollers might be seen as a “clique” who consume a large table at the Elk on payday Friday but the truth is we’re just a very tight group.  We work together, spend our days off skiing together, count on each other in risky situations, rely on one another for safety during avalanche routes, and some patrollers even end up engaged and married to one another.  I can think of ten married patrol couples and two more currently engaged (and I’ve only been here six years).  There is either something in the water or about our work that makes friendships and relationships between patrollers very strong.  Just the other day I was doing a control route on the West Ridge of Powder Bowl when I decided to ski cut the next path.  We were in a hurry to open lifts so, without stopping, I looked back at my partner and yelled; “eyes on!”  As I crossed the slope I knew he had my back.  That sense of trust and confidence in your coworkers only comes from a base in friendship.   I feel very lucky to work daily with some of my closest friends.

The 11-12 Crew at our holiday party

3 thoughts on “We’re so lucky

  1. dan

    Nice pic.  I recognize many faces and can actually remember a some names, but I’m getting really old and slow on names….so how about a post of everyones names?  Thanks. 


    1. Starting at the upper left:
      Andrew, Rhett, Everett (topmost row), Mike, Kim N., Corey, Ben, Dylan, Gabe, Chet (with Sawyer)
      Next row:
      David (with ball cap), Brent, Julie, Shannon, Eric (with glasses), Patrick, Dan, Forest,???, Leah
      Next row:
      Christina, Austin (above), Sara, Paul H. (with beard), Emily (being held), Shannon, Blaine, Paul B., Lynn
      Bottom row:
      Rich, Ferk, Peter, Eric, Anna, Lisa


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