Dirtbag Ball Theme Contest Update

This could be you

March 24th 2012 we will host our 11th Annual Dirtbag Ball and we need your help. We are holding a contest for a theme. Come up with the best costume theme and you will win 2 free tickets to the Ball.

So far we have some received some killer entries. Here are a few of my favorites:

If it isn’t NEON it shouldn’t BE ON

Robots & Ho-bots: The Party of Tomorrow, Today

Superheroes (or just Heroes) and Distressed Damsels

Hotties and Naughties,  I’m good, but I’m better when I’m bad

Flappers & Gangsters

Toga Party

Black and White, or Black Tie, White Underwear

Showgirls, Poker & High Rollers

Keep them coming. If you have a costume burning a hole in your closet, now’s the time to create a theme around that afro wig and white silk shirt. Come up with the best and you’ll get into the Ball for free.

Just reply to this post with an accurate email address (don’t worry we won’t share it) and your entry. Let the games continue.



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