It can get windy around here

The past few days we ski patrollers have been a little busy. With the “Storm of the Century” upon us and a flip-flopping weather forecast on the heels of a busy holiday weekend, we’ve been remiss in updating the blog. So here’s a quick recap:

  • Over the weekend, we were involved in several rescues off the King
  • A few patrollers, including Blaine Horner, Everett Phillips, Leah Fisher and Patrick Fleming, participated in the successful rescue of a missing snowshoer in Mt. Rainier National Park
  • It has snowed almost 4 feet in the past 4 days
  • We’ve thrown enough bombs to drain our explosives caches
  • At times the wind has been a problem

That last item is an understatement. Today the wind kept the upper mountain down for the day and funkified (that’s a word, I checked Urban Dictionary) the snowpack. Doing avalanche control on Paradise this morning was “interesting”. And when I say “interesting”, I mean scary.

A crew of patrollers shoveled snow at the top of 6 last weekend

Not scary like I was starting to talk to myself, but scary like I thought maybe I’d somehow ended up in a snowy version of the tornado scene in Wizard of Oz. Without the house.

Much to my surprise, it warmed today, although as of 2pm the precipitation has stopped and what fell today was all snow. So tomorrow could be a better day. The upper mountain is still untracked and we hope to get as much open tomorrow as possible before the next system comes in.

We may even try to get Southback open tomorrow afternoon. We want to get as much of this snow skied in before any further load is added. You can keep track of openings/closures and conditions by following us on Twitter.

I know. It’s weird. We’re tweeting now. Welcome to our brave new world.

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