Photo of the Week

It’s been a wild few days of weather and the hits just keep on coming. It’s dumping again today, and the winds are raging up high. No need to go to that spa treatment this week ladies. If you were on Green Valley ridge before the upper mountain went down today, you already got your micro-dermabrasion.

Things got really strange earlier this week, and I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the Polyesta Fiesta. Usually a locals party, this year folks came up from town anticipating Snowmageddon in the city. That’s when the snow levels started roller coastering, the road closed and the phones and internet went down. All fingers point to the Fiesta as the inciting incident. I can’t prove anything, so draw your own conclusion.

The photo this week was a self-portrait of sorts. If the ski patrolling thing doesn’t work out for Gabe Finkelstein, maybe he’s got a future in modeling.

Gabe gets down with his bad self

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