Ski Patrol Tour Recap

Top of the King with Christina

Thanks to everyone who came out for the “Ski with a Ski Patroller” Tour on February 18th. Even though it was a powder day, we still had a large group of skiers who came with questions and a genuine interest to learn more about Crystal in general and ski patrol in particular. Christina and I took a group to the Southback, while Corey and Ben brought another group to Northway.

In Southback we oriented the group to the boundaries, discussed opening procedures and considerations and found some untracked chutes in Appliance Chutes to test out our fat skis (never mind what you may have heard about an epic fall in which a certain patroller received the auger, which she STILL hasn’t gotten rid of).

Far too often we ski patrollers interact with public only when you are injured or in trouble. I prefer this new kind of interaction, in which we can offer insight and education that can prevent both injury and trouble. In fact, we started this blog in order to reach out, and we love getting out and sharing our experiences and expertise (even if some of us sometimes pre-release in the midst of a sweet, untracked line, probably due to the new boots she was wearing and nothing to do with her skiing ability. Ahem.)

Christina and I even pointed out a few of our “secret stashes” or at least the chutes that seem forgotten by the majority of the powder hounds, such as Sasquatch and The Bowl, just to name a few. Hopefully the tour was fun for everyone and we hope to do more of these kinds of tours in the future.


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