You never grow tired of this view


As we ride each lift there are times we forget that there is someone there monitoring our moves, greeting each of us with a smile, and there to pick us up if we mis-load.  They shovel a lot and rake their ramps for you and I to enjoy.  Their office has fresh air, breathtaking views and they are rewarded when you and I return that smile with a simple thank you.

5 thoughts on “You never grow tired of this view

  1. dick

    I want to give a special thank you to George (the lifty at the top of the gondy).  Not only  does he have an uplifting comment and helpfull with our skis, but today he rescued my cell phone from the floor of one of the pods. 
    Thanks again for your attention.


  2. Bill

    In a rich man’s sport, it is those that understand that in fact, “rich as nothing to do with money.” Great view on life……..


  3. Chris Conkling

    I think most of the “lifties” at Crystal are outstanding. They generally ask how your day is going, talk about your runs, and smile.


  4. nick

    Not to mention the first tracks with the watchful “eyes on” from you guys. Or the endless ridebreaks on slow midweek days. or the thank yous from all you guys and gals when we are working our butts off sweeping the chairs for you guys. 

    “Have a good run!”


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