A Long Line of Happy Campers


Another ski season has come to an end.  Where does the season go?  Early season people flock to the slopes.  The skiing offers its challenges, rocks,stumps and the like.  Our ski friends like to comment when they get a scrape or a core shot, yet they come back for more.  March the conditions can be epic, as we all know.  April we might have a day or two of sun and great coverage with NO lift lines.  May and June, where is everyone?

It’s July 1st, the last day of the season.  There is only one lift open, you have to walk up and along the ridge before you can begin your trip down, guaranteed you’re going to get some touches with the stones.  Every person that was here today had a grin from ear to ear, there was laugher in the lift lines, stories of a secret line they had never skied until today.  The last hour of the day as I sat on the ridge I was touched by those that came by to say hi and thanks to Crystal Mountain for yet another good year of memories.  Lets all hope for long-epic seasons to come!

2 thoughts on “A Long Line of Happy Campers

  1. Leslie

    Yes, it’s sad that the season is over yet Crystal made it one of the most awesome of my life. I can only hope and pray that there are many more ski seasons like this last one. You guys and gals rock! Thanks for staying open so long to give ski junkies like me such a fantastic year.


  2. Dnjgast

    As a former Crystal Pro Patrol member from 1968 – 1971, I enjoy reading your blog as it brings back many great memories. 

    Dave Gast  


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