Avi Dog Shot Glasses

FUN FACT   It can help build your confidence for skiing steeper terrain, to see what it looks like with no snow on it.  Seriously!  What’s concave.  What’s convex.  Where the rocks are jagged so edge gingerly early-season, and where the ground is smooth so you can confidently check your speed.

So get up to Crystal before the Summer ends to scout your favorite line for this coming winter.  Then while you’re at it, reward a leg strengthening hike to Mountain Top with refreshments from the Summit House, and stop by the base Mountain Shop to pick up your Avalanache Rescue Dog Shot Glasses!



Created by local glass (among other media) artist Karen Buhler, the glasses are individually hand blown (so no two are alike!) to reflect each of our dogs.  If you look carefully at the picture above, you can see some subtle differences between glasses sitting on each dog’s Canine Hero Trading Card.  (There are more dogs than are shown here, this is just the best picture I could get with my phone.)


The photo below shows how keenly Karen captured the bushy puppy hair and white forehead stripe of our newest, cutest, candidate, Darwin Nathane-Haft.





How cool is it to have a shot glass made in your own image!  The dogs probably don’t even recognize the honor.   (I wonder what dogs’ favorite drink is…Tom & Jerry?   Salty Dog?  Pink Squirrel?)


You can catch more of Karen’s wall-hanging and free-standing figurative sculpure at her website:  Karen Buhler Glass.  Or you can check out her work in-person at  Vetri International Glass  near Pike Place Market.  And after checking out her cool glass work you can take a short 1/2 mile downhill stroll to drop by the Sodo brewpub for Elysian Brewery, co-founded by Karen’s dirtbag-skier husband Dave, and creator of MY FAVORITE PARTY BEER:  The Immortal IPA!

Patrollers love Dave ‘cuz he always seems to stick it out with us on the really crappy-weather days…not that we have that many of them at Crystal Mountain!  And now we love Karen, too, ‘cuz she makes Avi Dog Shot Glasses!  Thanks you two!

3 thoughts on “Avi Dog Shot Glasses

  1. John Forsyth

    Thanks for the suggestion of seeing what the terrain looks like without snow. I did my second hike to the Summit House yesterday. Both times I went via Kelly Gap Road, one time finishing via Green Valley and the second time finishing by going straight up to Northwave chair. Good exercise and pretty interesting seeing the contours of some of the runs.


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