Winter: Just Around the Corner

This morning, the peaks around Crystal Mountain were dusted with the season’s first snowfall. Except in the shady spots, the snow has mostly melted, but there’s nothing like holding that first snowball in your hand that stokes the fire of winter. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it comes sooner than later.

The world’s tiniest snowman (or woman).

7 thoughts on “Winter: Just Around the Corner

    1. John,
      Yes! We got a little dusting at the tops of the peaks yesterday. Unfortunately, but the time I hiked up it was mostly melted. I was able to scrape together enough snow from the shady spots to make my first snowman of the season. Just holding those icy balls in my hand made me happy. The air is crisp up here now. Summer is sliding into winter.


      1. John_D_11

        Sweet action!  Geez now I”m in a frenzy…I’m already behind!  Have you seen those Marquette Backcountry skis?  It’s this goofy ski/snowshoe hybrid thing for dorking around in really marginal patchy snow conditions.  Well I got a pair and have been jonesing to claim the first snow that sticks.  

        Wow, now I gotta get all my weather apps and everything dialed. Yahoo!


    1. We will have a new waste water treatment plant (not that sexy, I know), but important infrastructure. Also the debris is currently getting cleared from Employee Housing. There is a surprising amount of trees down there. We’ve also done some tree thinning and limbing on Upper Bull and Upper E. Some of what we’d planned to do was stopped because of fire hazard earlier on the summer. Several trees were removed in Snorting Elk, specifically widening from Otto Bahn down into the bottom of Green Valley. This should make for some nice skiing and more consistent access for snowcats to smooth out the transitions.


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