Powder Days

12″ on new for Friday Morning

Sorry we haven’t posted anything in a while. It has been a busy few days around here. Thursday was a good day; Friday was epic; Saturday was creamy and dreamy and still untracked.

The avalanche hazard spiked with this new snow. We recommend wearing transceivers and skiing with a partner–especially in Northway and Soutback where we tend to get less skier compaction.

Tree wells are growing. A friend of mine pulled a skier out of a tree well in Brand X yesterday. The man was skiing alone and quite lucky to be alive.

Saturday’s hike to the top of Morning Glory

Yesterday in Northway there was an unwitnessed slide below Horseshoe Cliffs. After thoroughly searching the area, we were able to clear it. No one was caught. The previous day, two skiers were partially caught in a slide under the Northway Chair. Fortunately no one was hurt. While these pockets were relatively small, be aware that just a small slide can push a skier over a cliff or into a terrain trap. Choose your lines carefully.

When we open a lift or a North or South gate on these busy days, dozens of skiers and boarders drop in all at once. Of course everyone wants to be the first to hit the untracked powder.

Southeast Left Trees off the King was dreamy on Saturday

Here’s a few tips: think ahead. Plan your run and avoid dropping onto the same slope as twenty others simultaneously. Consider zigging when you know everyone else plans to zag. Talk to your friends while you wait at the gate. Choose your lines ahead of time. Decide on an escape route in case of a slide. Avoid standing on cornices; instead look for an entrance. We usually try to bomb or kick an entrance into the main slopes. Ask the ski patroller who is listening to his or her radio for “the call” to open the gate about the conditions. We patrollers are always happy to share our knowledge and offer up some tips for where to find the best skiing.

While the weather forecast is calling for warming this afternoon, we should be back in the powder business by Tuesday with a cold and wet storm on order. Let’s all keep cool heads out there and enjoy the riches of winter.

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