Andrew Longstreth: patroller, paramedic, award-winning photographer

Andrew with his avi dog Cirrus

Andrew Longstreth is a man of many talents. A long-time professional ski patroller and paramedic, Andrew is an asset to our team at Crystal Mountain. The joke around here is that if there’s a serious accident anywhere on the slopes, Andrew will be the first on scene. Even if the accident is in Northway, and Andrew is out South hiking the King, he’ll somehow get there first.

He’s that good.

Andrew is also a talented photographer. Go skiing with him, and even though he never tells you to wait while he sets up his shot, he’ll take great photos of you. Sometimes you don’t even know he’s taking photos. Later, on the chairlift, Andrew will scroll through the images, and you will be amazed. He actually caught that one face shot, when the snow shot up around your goggles and made you giddy.

Like I said, Andrew’s good.

He recently won second place in the National Ski Patrol Everyday Heroes Photo Contest. Believe it or not, the photo he submitted was one of me skiing in Brand X after control work. If I remember right, he took that photo on the apron between “5 Trees” and “Exit Chute”, and it was a glorious twenty turns. Congratulations Andrew.

photo by Andrew Longstreth

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