Are You Dirtbag Royalty?

Are you a dirtbag? I mean this in the kindest way possible. In fact, here at Crystal, we value dirtbags so much that we put on an annual party to celebrate them. In our world, a dirtbag is a true ski (or snowboard) bum. Dirtbags sacrifice everyday amenities for their sport. They forgo regular showers, comfortable housing and even committed relationships all in pursuit of the pure joy found on the slopes. And for that, we want to honor you Ski Bum. Because without guys and gals like you, skiing and snowboarding wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

Just How Dedicated Are You?

Crystal Mountain’s Dirtbag Ball is still a month and a half away. But it’s never too early to start buttering up the patrol (I mean, ahem, starting your strategic campaign strategy). Ski Patrollers and former royalty will choose the new King and Queen. Winners will be announced at the Ball.

This year’s DBB will be held March 29th. Tickets go on sale March 8th. The theme this year is Hunters and Gatherers. Reserve tickets now by emailing Lisa Poncelet (lisamponcelet(at) And may the biggest dirtbags win!

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