Mother Nature Calls the Shots

Today the mountain never opened, and no one is more bummed than we are. The power was out today. Crews are working on it and we hope to be up and running tomorrow. Check the website and crystal’s Facebook page for the latest.
Some of you might be tempted to hike into the backcountry. Please don’t. The avi danger is high. This afternoon Kemper’s (which is just outside of our boundary) avalanched naturally, and the crown looks to be 4-6 feet deep. This is the load we’ve been worried about. So let’s all hope that Crystal can run tomorrow so you can enjoy this snow inbounds. Thanks for your patience. Mother Nature is definitely calling the shots here. Oh. And one more thing. It’s currently snowing hard.


3 thoughts on “Mother Nature Calls the Shots

  1. steve

    So I heard rumors that the power was lost to the resort last night and still wasn’t restored when the resort posted the update for the conditions page in the early hours of the morning. My question is why didn’t the resort do the responsible thing and state the facts about the power and the odds for its restoration before the exodus of cars started up the mountain. And who decided to construct the backup power line above ground on pole lines. Aren’t we living in a near rainforest biosphere where these sorts of events have a reasonable probability of happening on a seasonal basis. Just saying.


    1. Corey

      Yesterday’s power outage was a fairly freak occurrence. You’ll notice you don’t see that happen very often. Usually the PSE generator kicks in and emergency power is restored in a matter of minutes. Guests usually aren’t even aware power outages have occurred.

      As for burying power lines: Just think through where in the world you’ve seen that done, and there’s your answer.
      The REASON, of course, has to do with the expense to ratepayers (for burying, maintaining, and repairing underground lines) not justifying the relatively minor inconvenience to those who are adequately prepared when the power goes out. Otherwise you’d see it done everywhere.

      When yesterday’s power went out a little after 5 a.m. There was no reason to expect it wouldn’t be business-as-usual, and that backup power would kick back on before most guests made the drive to the mountain.

      I don’t know what problems the marketing department people had getting the word out electronically–what with the power being out and all–but most skiers I know would rather NOT be told to stay home every time there’s a glitch in the power system, trees down, or snow on the roads. That’s just life in the mountains. Imagine what it was like to be here working in it!


  2. Bob

    Just tell Bob at Wapatis to put a closed sign out when you know so we don’t
    have to drive all the way to the turnoff in bumper to bumper traffic to be informed that
    there is a 99% chance the mountain will not open. We turned around and still saw people coming the other way for a long time.


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