The Eulogy


On March 10, 2014, we lost a dear friend a bit before its time. High Campbell was always there for us skiers and riders on a pow day. That fixed grip double taught many to be a better rider, with its Hollywood lines, Powder Bowl, and the gate out South. It taught us patience. It taught us to be open minded and reach out to new people. And gave a new meaning to the word: Single! High Campbell held onto its identity even in the days of high speed and six packs. It was iconic, with its green coat of paint and center bar.  Chair 6, as some friends referred to it, was more than just a chair, it was a part of the family. Tragically, it was taken from us too soon. High Campbell, you may be replaced, but you will never be forgotten. Thanks for always being our friend on a powder day!

“When is 6 going to open?”

5 thoughts on “The Eulogy

  1. BB

    I like the poetry and nostalgia BUT “before its time”. I disagree. More like years later than it should have been. Looking forward to the new chair and winning the “name the new chair” contest.


  2. Crystal Skier

    Is it true that the Forest Service has approved the replacement to be a fixed grip quad, not to exceed the current uphill capacity of C6, and that the top bullwheel will be 50 feet lower — thus requiring a sidestep into Powder Bowl?


    1. Most of those details are still being worked out. We have a little flexibility. I don’t anticipate that you will need to side step up to powder bowl. The top terminal will be close to its current location. They new chair will most likely be a double.


  3. mdskier

    Fav PNW Chair. 20 yrs ago the C6 loading area had stickers on a sign: No Wimps, No Bozo’s. After a photo I rode up with an office mate who then did a total yard sale the full
    length of a long run. Hat’s, poles, skis, gloves, the works!


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