Ski Patrol Prepares for Upcoming Season

Last week, the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol gathered for our annual training. We are all looking forward to a great season. With all the recent improvements on the mountain and within the patrol, we can’t wait for the snow to fall. Here’s a few photos from the past week.

Chair 6 haul rope as of Sunday was half way around!
Bottom of Chair 6. Winter is just around the corner.


Crystal Avalanche dogs pose with Airlift Northwest helicopter


Thank you Airlift Northwest for taking part in our ongoing first aid training.
Snow Safety Director, Chet, demonstrated of our new Gazex exploders in Powder Bowl.
Lisa P. models one of the patrol’s new BCA Float airbags.


Chair evacuation training



Kala and Christina getting cozy during training.
It was a bonding experience as always.
We woke to a layer of fresh snow Monday morning!

One thought on “Ski Patrol Prepares for Upcoming Season

  1. ddk

    Thanks for all the nice pic’s….had hoped to do the big hike up today and check things out…plans got changed again…so sad and way to cold and windy today anyway.
    Thanks again – more pics and info always a big plus!


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