Our New Crystal Mountain Patrol Director

Kim doing what she does best!

The Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol is proud to announce a new patrol director. Kim Kircher is stepping up to fill some big shoes and we are all excited to be here when she does. Paul Baugher, who has steered this large ship of patrol for the past 35 years is planning on retiring from the director position while staying involved with many other aspects of Crystal Mountain. Paul has been an incredible director here and will still be on the hill in case you need a laugh or good advice. I could go on about Paul’s achievements and contributions to Crystal but I’m looking forward, and want to highlight what this changing of the guards will bring to Crystal. Kim Kircher has been patrolling for 26 years and skiing Crystal for 40 years. She is an author, EMT, has a BA from UW, world traveler, mountain climber, surfer, sky diver, co-pilot, heli blaster, and all round wonderful person. Kim has a tremendous amount of experience as a patroller and is constantly working to make things at Crystal even better than they already are. If you are one of the heads up skiers here who look for Tweets or Facebook notifications of South opening on a deep pow day that is because of Kim’s communication from patrol to our skiers. Kim also writes the Ski Patrol Blog which gives everyone inside information about the going-ons at Crystal. Being the patrol director means managing daily 33 type A patrollers who all have a strong opinions on how to set up rope lines, move tower pads, run accidents, and pretty much open the mountain in the mornings. This challenge is something Kim is taking on with positive energy and patience, two traits she lives by. On a personal note, I have worked with Kim for ten years and there is no one I’d rather have by my side during an emergency or on a beautiful sunny powder day.

written by Christina Dale

3 thoughts on “Our New Crystal Mountain Patrol Director

    1. It probably does Benjamin. My good friend Kim has been a patroller here at Crystal for some 27 years. Kim met her husband John Kircher here at Crystal and has been married almost 11 years where she has continued working as a pro patroller.


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