16th Annual Dirt Bag Ball Coming March 25th, 2017

Be there when we crown the King and Queen!

Who’s ready to eschew their manky long johns and worn-out Gore-Tex for some fun costumes, great music and pitchers of PBR? It’s that time of year again. The Dirt Bag Ball is just around the corner.


All hail the Queen!

Ahow, me hearties! The theme this year is Pirates, Hags and Scallywags. So weigh the anchor and hoist the mizzen. This is the party of the season, and you do not want to miss it!

The Dirt Bag Ball is an annual fundraiser for the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol. Every year the patrol and members of the Royal Court of Dirtbags vote on the season’s biggest dirtbags (aka ski bums, lifers, first-in-liners, B Lot denizens, and overall rock star locals) and crowns the King and Queen for the following season.

Don’t miss this one!

Get your tickets at the ski patrol office near the base of the gondola or call 360-663-3060 to reserve yours. The raffle this year is filled with booty. Get your raffle tickets from a patroller to support the avalanche dog program.

This event sells out every year, so don’t wait!

15th Annual Dirtbag Ball on Saturday

It’s that time of year again when the Crystal community reaches into its collective costume bin, dons wigs and top hats, scarves and mini skirts, and dances the night. The 15th annual Dirtbag Ball is happening this Saturday at the Bullwheel. This year’s theme is “Under the Big Top.”

Tickets are $25. Raffle tickets are $5. On sale now in the patrol room at the base area. We have some really great prizes this year. All proceeds benefit the ski patrol, allowing us to further our education in avalanche training, avalanche dog training and medical training. Plus, it’s the party of the year. Don’t miss this one. DBB_Tic (1)

Are You Dirtbag Royalty?

Are you a dirtbag? I mean this in the kindest way possible. In fact, here at Crystal, we value dirtbags so much that we put on an annual party to celebrate them. In our world, a dirtbag is a true ski (or snowboard) bum. Dirtbags sacrifice everyday amenities for their sport. They forgo regular showers, comfortable housing and even committed relationships all in pursuit of the pure joy found on the slopes. And for that, we want to honor you Ski Bum. Because without guys and gals like you, skiing and snowboarding wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

Just How Dedicated Are You?

Crystal Mountain’s Dirtbag Ball is still a month and a half away. But it’s never too early to start buttering up the patrol (I mean, ahem, starting your strategic campaign strategy). Ski Patrollers and former royalty will choose the new King and Queen. Winners will be announced at the Ball.

This year’s DBB will be held March 29th. Tickets go on sale March 8th. The theme this year is Hunters and Gatherers. Reserve tickets now by emailing Lisa Poncelet (lisamponcelet(at)gmail.com). And may the biggest dirtbags win!

What Does it Take to be Dirtbag Royalty?


The Dirtbag Ball is just around the corner, and we will soon be crowing a new King and Queen. Many have asked, just exactly what does it take to be Dirtbag Royalty? Well, here’s our loose criteria.

Skiing – this is one of the most important qualities of dirtbag royalty

  • You should ski a lot of days each season
  • You have to put in a lot of seasons at Crystal – it takes time

Job – below is a list of jobs that are fitting for dirtbag royalty:

  • None
  • A job we can’t talk about
  • Working a night shift at a low paying job (i.e. pizza delivery, night janitor, etc)
  • Doing something that allows for a lot of midweek skiing
Sid Kurtz, 2012 DBB King

Housing – below is a list of housing circumstances that are fitting for dirtbag royalty:

  • None – couch surfing, etc.
  • Car – your mailing address is your license plate
  • Shack – small, dilapidated/old and lacks certain necessities like water or heat
  • Camper – you should actually live in your camper as opposed to just staying there while you ski and then going home to your mansion in Madison Park
  • Tent/Snow Cave
  • Tight quarters – you live in 3-bedroom house, but you have 13 roommates and the door to your “room” is actually a curtain

Waking up

  • Getting in the gondola line before 9:00am consistently is good
  • Staying up late at the Elk and still getting on the gondola line before 9:00am is even better

Appearances (looking like a Dirtbag)

  • Showering – should never conflict with getting first chair
  • Haircuts – should be done by friends with clippers or trauma shears
  • Laundry – doing your laundry in Enumclaw more than once a month is probably too much
  • Not Spending Money (aka being cheap)
    • Gear
  • You should buy cheap skis at thrift stores ii.     Skiing on old gear like rear-entry boots and 207cm straight skis is good iii.     Your retro skiwear party outfit should be your everyday clothing iv.     Mismatched boots or skis are good
  • Food and drink (“are you going to finish that?”)
  • You drink the beer in the bottom of the pitcher that someone left on the table .
  • You eat the leftover food off of people’s plates at the elk
Jesse and Corey, giving it all they got

Being an Ambassador

  • Patrol should be able to come to you with info to pass along to other regulars/locals

Stepping it up

  • You may have been at Crystal for a long time and have a lot of dirtbag qualities, but you should step it up for a season in order to get elected

Dirt Bag Ball Redux

If it isn't NEON it shouldn't BE ON

If it isn’t NEON, it shouldn’t BE ON! That was the theme for this year’s DBB, and the room was glowing. Thank you to Mackenzie for coming up with such an awesome theme.

According to Lisa P, ski patroller and key party organizer, this year was “not only the best theme, but it was indeed the best party.  The highlight…for me was the crowning of the new royalty – Abbie and Sid.”  And indeed these two will make great Royalty. Thanks to Seth, the rocking DJ, and all the past Kings and Queens, the new royal couple was crowned with all the pomp and circumstance of such a momentous occasion.

The Royal Couple--Sid and Abbie

Highlights of the evening included: Keneta’s neon tulle ballgown and amazing wig; reigning royalty Jesse and Cory dancing and costumes (and also Cory’s lighting skills–thanks for 11 years of transforming the Bullwheel into a dance palace); Austin, Shedd and Martin in their one-piece neon outfits (ahem); and Lynn B for once again dancing the ENTIRE night away.

Thanks again to our sponsors–Pabst Blue Ribbon, thank for your HUGE donation and for the snowboard we raffled. Also thanks to Crystal Mountain, Salomon, Smith, FlyLo, Helly Hanson, First Ascent/Eddie Bauer, Greenwater Skis, Wapati Woolies, Nachez, Alta Crystal, Outdoor Research, Marmot, Mammut, Black Diamond, and K2.

For more photos, check out the Photobooth Slideshow, where you can view and even purchase more photos.


Dirt Bag Ball Theme Contest

Even though it’s still a few months away, around here, we say it’s never too early to start thinking about the Dirt Bag Ball. March 24th, 2012 will ring in our 11th Annual DBB, and we need help with a theme.

Almost every year, we’ve offered a theme to help with costume selection, ranging from “Feather’s, Leather and Lace” to “Cowboys and Callgirls” to “Anything Goes But Clothes”. Last year, the theme “Rockers and Rockettes” brought out a few particularly scary awesome outfits. But we can’t always take credit for these wonderful themes. In fact two of my favorites were pitched by Clare Huleen, CM ski instructor and the world’s best mom. Those of you who know my mom understand where I get it. She’s one of a kind.

This year, we’re asking you, dear readers, for suggestions. In fact, we’re making it a contest. Give us your ideas. If we choose your theme for the 2012 DBB, you will receive two free tickets to the event. That’s a pretty good deal.

Reply with your theme ideas in the comments. Be sure to give us an accurate email address (which won’t be shared publicly, only necessary to contact you if you win.)

So let’s hear it. Have a great costume you’re just dying to wear? Give us a theme to go with it, and you just might win your way into the ball. What could be more dirtbag than that?


Dirtbag Ball: Highlights, Winners and Embarrassing Photos!

When my friend Jason, a first-time Dirbag Baller, asked if I’d be embarrassed if he wore pink fishnets and a feather boa, I had to laugh. Not by a long shot. Not in a million years.

The 10th Annual Dirtbag Ball was another amazing event, and we couldn’t have done it without our fabulous sponsors. Give it up for Crystal Mountain, Salomon, Maui Jim, Pro Ski, Helly Hansen, Smith, OR, Mountain Hardwear, SuperFeet and many more!! Also, let’s hear it for Mike Brooks and his entire team at the Bullwheel. Thanks guys for making everything run smoothly. Most importantly, though, let’s all thank Lisa Poncelet. Without her tireless efforts the Dirtbag Ball would slip away like our snowpack during a three-day rain event. 

The costumes this year were even more spectacular than ever. If that’s even possible. From fiery rockers to raunchy rockettes, and everything in between, party-goers this year were ready to indulge in some seriously twisted alter-ego fantasies. Here’s a montage:


This year’s Dirtbag King and Queen, Cory Peterson and Jesse Cartwright, really topped the charts in overall dirtbagness (was that really a pair of girl’s panties that fell out of Cory’s costume as he got up on stage??). These are two very deserving new members of Parliament.

Cory is enjoying his 21st year at CM–enough time to learn all three disciplines: tele, alpine and snowboarding. He still rides in Sorels, and his dirtbag moment this season was pilfering John Kircher’s left over boot liners out of the garbage and putting them into his new Sorels.

Jesse has been skiing at Crystal for 23 years (since she was three!). She’s a real local, and recently joined the ranks of true dirtbagdome by quitting her job last fall in anticipation of the La Nina season at Crystal. She’s spent much of the season in the back of her Ford F250 in the parking lot. Jesse alternates between her K2 Hell Bents and Obsetheds, and enjoys her Full Tilt Soul Sisters. 

Welcome 2011’s Dirtbag King and Queen! Wear the hat with pride!

Last, but not least, I would like to announce the major prizes from the 54 raffle winners. (Thanks Brent Okita for pulling the winning names in this TOTALLY LEGIT contest!) 

Salomon Rockers: Brian O’Leary

Maui JIm Sunglasses: Corey and Liz

Pro Ski Full Season Tuning: Keith, Tim, Sherry, Vince

…and congrats to everyone else who won Jackets, Packs, Superfeet, Boot Fitting & Orthotics, Goggles, Shirts & Gloves (and more!) from our generous sponsors!

Thanks again to everyone for putting on such a fun, wholesome, wild event.